FLC - Colombian

DAILY WARDEN TRACK: Remember that song, “Scooby Snacks” from the late 90’s?  It was by a band called FUN LOVIN’ CRIMINALS, and they are wicked!  Their mix of rock, hip-hop, funk, etc. always sounds great at a party, and lots of their stuff has a comedic side too.  I think one…

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Bear Blog #217, KO


DAILY WARDEN TRACK: A little over four years ago now, a dude from Toronto by the name of KO, released his debut album called “Let’s Blaze.”  It contained a few singles, but the one that got tons of airplay across Canada and abroad was the album’s lead track, which I’m v…

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Bear Blog #216, AGAINST ME!

Against Me! - NEW WAVE

DAILY WARDEN TRACK: When Foo Fighters rolled through Edmonton on their “Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace” tour about five or six years ago, they brought a band with them called AGAINST ME!  That’s the band who gets today’s spotlight.  They’ve released half-a-dozen …

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Bear Blog #215, SOUNDGARDEN

Soundgarden - KING ANIMAL

DAILY WARDEN TRACK: Today I’m featuring something from just over a year ago, when SOUNDGARDEN released “King Animal,” their first studio record in 16 years.  If you were ever a Soundgarden fan, you probably liked it, if you weren’t a fan, then you didn’t.  This track wa…

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Bear Blog #214, OASIS


DAILY WARDEN TRACK: Happy Boxing Day, and for your listening pleasure, a band that probably would’ve told you to go f*ck yourself if you’d wished them “Merry Christmas” yesterday.  It’s OASIS, and I since I gave you some disco on Christmas Eve, I figured I should probab…

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