Blog #292, FEED ME


DAILY WARDEN TRACK: All week long I’ve been featuring Rock, so today we’re going to the other end of the spectrum with a tune that I first heard just after it came out last October.  When I heard this song it immediately reminded of some ol’ skool Daft Punk, like something from the…

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Them Crooked Vultures - THEM CROOKED VULTURES

DAILY WARDEN TRACK: Today you’re getting a tune from the first, and so far, only album by the Los Angeles based “supergroup” containing Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) & John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) & Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss).  In November 2009, THEM…

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Blog #290, ROYAL BLOOD

Royal Blood - ROYAL BLOOD

DAILY WARDEN TRACK: The song I’m sharing for your listening pleasure & edification today comes to us courtesy of a band who’s been making waves on the other side of the Atlantic ocean for the past couple years, but have really just started to break through in North America over the p…

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Blog #289, The OFFSPRING

The Offspring - SMASH

DAILY WARDEN TRACK: Today we’re going to hit some old school vibes with a song from the album that almost made this band a household name in the mid 90’s, The OFFSPRING.  They’re kicking off their “Punk Rock Summer Nationals” tour tomorrow, and on this tour the band wil…

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Blog #288, SLOAN


DAILY WARDEN TRACK: This weekend you’re getting new music with my blog posts.  Yesterday it was new stuff from one of America’s greatest Alt-Rock bands, Weezer, and today the feature song is from one of the greatest Canadian Alt-Bands, SLOAN.  For 22 years Sloan has been churning out the…

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Blog #287, WEEZER


DAILY WARDEN TRACK: Sometimes it’s hard for me to explain how pumped up I get for certain new music releases, but this week was especially exciting for me because the new song came out from a band that I think is easily one of the best Rock acts of the past 20 years, WEEZER!  Their brand……

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