Blog #346, BABYMETAL


WARDEN TRACKS:  I stumbled across a Tweet yesterday that intrigued me, partly because it was about a band from Japan that I’ve never heard of (I don’t know any Japanese bands), partly because they’re apparently massive & I know nothing about them, partly because southeast Asia …

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Blog #345, AT THE DRIVE-IN


WARDEN TRACKS:  I used to host a crazy-wicked hard-Rock show before we got a new boss and he shut down the legendary, almost shrine-worthy #HardAttack.  One of the bands that I always got requests for was a Texas band called AT THE DRIVE-IN, who splintered into THE MARS VOLTA and SPARTA, after their…

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Blog #344, JUNKIE XL


WARDEN TRACKS:  The featured song on this week’s post is from a Dutch producer/DJ who I became familiar with in the Summer of 2002 during my second visit to the incredible city of Amsterdam.  I first noticed the name because of a remix he did of an ELVIS PRESLEY song, “A Little Less Conv…

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Blog #343, MEGADETH

WARDEN TRACKS:  What a month for concerts in Edmonton…  March began with a bang featuring explosive performances by MONSTER TRUCK & BLACK SABBATH, POP EVIL will wrap up the month, and there are still tons of huge shows on the way for #YEG including SLAYER, THE OFFSPRING, and MEGADETH!  Dav…

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