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WARDEN TRACKS:  The Coachella Valley Arts & Music Festival wraps up this weekend in California, but the biggest news over the past week was the passing of one of the greatest musical talents of our time (or ever), PRINCE Rogers Nelson, at the age of only 57 years old.  When I first heard the news about Prince’s death on Thursday, I was immediately saddened, but also shocked, puzzled, and in disbelief.  I didn’t quite grasp the scope of how much of his music has filtered into every era of my life since the time I was introduced to Prince’s third album “Dirty Mind,” at the not-so-appropriate age of 11!  Sure the explicit sexual content of the album wasn’t exactly PG friendly, but what made it so wicked was the absolute, pure Funk-ness of a record featuring irresistible beats & super catchy hooks, yet lyrics that basically made it an “R” rated listen.  Shortly after that came “1999” and “Purple Rain,” which cemented him as one of the biggest stars of the Pop-drenched 80’s, and for decades to come.  When I started writing this weekend’s post, I was pouring over the mountain of tributes and other links that’ve come out since Prince’s passing, and that’s when everything hit home for me… how incredibly creative he was, the respect I had for his fierce “intellectual property” battles, the sheer expanse of his unbelievable body of work, and how I can connect so much of his music to a very large, happy, fun period of my life.  I’ve heard over the past few years Prince might have as many as 50 albums recorded (another source I read listed the number at almost 400 “recordings”), sitting in the vault and waiting to be released.  It stands as further proof of the legacy this gentleman curated over his way-too-short life, and the impact it will have on music fans for generations to come.  Because of the depth of his library, it’s impossible to choose one “best” tune by His Purple Majesty, so I’ll feature a track today that created huge waves when it was originally released, and is now universally regarded as an underground classic, “EROTIC CITY.”  R-I-P Prince, I’m sad, and you will be deeply missed.
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