WARDEN TRACKS:  There seems to be a lot of buzz around the band I’m featuring on this weekend’s post, and whenever I play their latest song on the air, I always get calls & texts from people wondering “…what tune was that?”  They’ve apparently been a steady, solid draw for years at gigs on their home-turf of Canada’s east coast; New Brunswick to be exact.  But the roar of their rock & roll engine has been moving westward the past few years, fueled by a driving passion to deliver their high-octane music to the masses.  THE MOTORLEAGUE has released one of Canada’s finest rock records in a quite a while, with “Holding Patterns,” which came out in October 2015.  There have already been a few singles released from the ten-cut album, and the momentum continues for the guys as they continue their tour with SAFETY, out of Brooklyn, NY.  The latest video is for the track “ALL THE WORDS,” and it was shot at various locations across Canada.  If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s a solid, fast-paced, pop-rock tune which will probably have you humming it after the first listen.
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