Blog #353, MUSE

WARDEN TRACKS:  Over the past decade or so, the face of popular music has undergone some serious plastic surgery… TAYLOR SWIFT has morphed from the Queen of Country into a Pop Superstar/business mogul, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) has made a major move into the mainstream consciousness, and Rock has seen a steady decline, though it will never die!  One band that has been seemingly immune to the decrease in Rock’s popularity, and whose stock has been rapidly rising, is MUSE.  And with good reason… Muse has pulled off the near-impossible task of making a “better” album with almost every release, and in an era when Rock is not as massive as it used to be, that’s a huge accomplishment.  They’re also favourites of fans & critics alike, their live show is absolutely stunning, especially when you consider Muse is a trio, and last but not least, they really, really Rock.  Muse has won numerous prestigious awards & accolades – and it’s no mystery why – their music is powerful.  With a library that includes seven studio albums, it’s hard to choose a track from a band with such mega-hits as “Madness,” “Starlight,” and “Supermassive Black Hole,” so I’m sharing a tune this weekend that’s stood the test of time with me.  From their third studio album, 2003’s “Absolution,” hit the following link for what I think may be one of Muse’s finest, pure Rock songs, “HYSTERIA.”  If you ever have a chance to see them in concert, don’t pass it up, they’re incredible.
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