Blog #355, CHEVELLE

WARDEN TRACKS:  Regular readers of this blog know of my eclectic musical tastes, I’ll listen to pretty much anything except Country.  What really gets me going is high tempo & energy, my favourite stuff is aggressive Electronic music and edgier Rock.  There are times that I just wanna chill with Marley or some other mellow tunes, but those times are rare; I get enough sleep.  One band that I’ve taken a liking to over the past several years is a group that delivers that potency with sick consistency.  Time and again Chicago’s CHEVELLE continue to produce tracks that don’t just have the fire, but also wicked guitar riffs, intense vocals, and serious hooks.  They’ve been around since 1995, and in their earlier years were often mistaken for a “Christian” outfit.  As the members have reiterated many times, they’re just a band that loves to Rock.  Another thing I really like about Chevelle is their slick production and how it translates to the stage, giving audiences a crazy-good concert experience that’s now cemented them as a must-see band in the hard Rock world.  With an extensive library already amassed, it’s hard to choose one specific track that deserves to be shared more than another because this power trio has so many wicked songs.  But out of all the kick-ass tunes Chevelle has released, this one may epitomize their sound best because it brilliantly captures the group’s knack for crafting short, lean, powerful Rock songs.  From the sixth studio album, “Hats Off To The Bull,” this is the amazing track that leads the record off, “FACE TO THE FLOOR.”
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