Blog #358, THE DOORS

WARDEN TRACKS:  This weekend marks the 45th anniversary of the death of one of the most iconic frontmen in the history of Rock & Roll, JIM MORRISON of THE DOORS.  There have been countless books written about him, infinite tales abound about his excessive, eccentric, explosive lifestyle, and to this day it’s no stretch to see a teenager sporting a Doors t-shirt at almost any concert.  The Doors are kind of a love ’em or hate ’em band, and understandably so.  Much like bands with singers whose voices rub some people the wrong way, Morrison’s style, and the band’s sometimes carnival-esque sound don’t always please everyone’s palette.  The main reason I liked them so much in my younger years was the mystique, and bravado that the “Lizard King” and The Doors were inherently associated with; the music was almost secondary.  Regardless, the song I’m featuring in this post could very well be the definitive Doors tune… From the grimy yet brilliant album released just three months before Morrison’s death, this song is still one of the finest classic rock grooves ever; the title track from “L.A. WOMAN.”  Check out a couple links featured for the 45th anniversary of the death of Mr. Mojo Risin’ here and here.
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