Blog #284, RAMONES

Ramones - RAMONES

DAILY WARDEN TRACK: Late Friday, the final original member of one of the most influential bands of all-time passed away after a battle with Cancer.  It was drummer Tommy Ramone, of RAMONES, and the tributes have been plentiful around the globe & online throughout the weekend.  No one ever said R…

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Blog #283, BECK


DAILY WARDEN TRACK: One of my favourite artists ever is BECK, who just released his latest album, “Morning Phase,” a few months ago.  A lot of people are calling it Part 2 of “Sea Change,” his 2002 record that basically features the same musicians that play on the new disc, a…

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Blog #282, LIVE


DAILY WARDEN TRACK: About a month ago I posted a blog which mentioned some of the biggest albums ever, that all seemed to come out in the same year, 1994.  There were so many massive records from that year that I’m not going to list them, but you can check that post here.  Today I’m……

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Blog #275, DAVID BOWIE

David Bowie - EARTHLING

DAILY WARDEN TRACK: First of all, I want to wish all my American friends & family a very “Happy Independence Day,” and I hope your 4th of July is incredible!  Now, for your daily dose of music, something that’s perhaps slightly anti-American (for lack of a better description). …

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Blog #274, WATERMÄT

Watermat - BULLIT

DAILY WARDEN TRACK: Last weekend I spent some time down in sunny southern Alberta (Medicine Hat) with some family and good friends.  While I was hangin’ with my brother, former Bear DJ Trapper John, we were streaming a radio station based in Amsterdam, and every 90 minutes or so we kept hearin…

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Blog #273, SYSTEM Of A DOWN

System Of A Down - SYSTEM OF A DOWN

DAILY WARDEN TRACK: Earlier today I read an interview with drummer John Dolmayan of metal band SYSTEM OF A DOWN.  He has definitively stated that he’s “not really happy with where the band is right now.”  Dolmayan also says the fact that System Of A Down have not even started worki…

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