Bear Blog #222, NIRVANA


DAILY WARDEN TRACK: A lost gem from a band whose lead singer died 20 years ago this April, NIRVANA.  From the “non-album” album called “Incesticide,” today’s song chronicles an uneasy childhood afternoon.  BTW, the first “official” Nirvana Day will be held i…

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Bear Blog #221, The PRETTY RECKLESS

The Pretty Recless - GOING TO HELL

DAILY WARDEN TRACK: A brand new song today from a band called The PRETTY RECKLESS.  This tune is getting a pretty big response at rock radio stations throughout North America.  Their second full-length album, “Going To Hell,” is available soon, and the buzz-generating track from this New…

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Bear Blog #220, BOB MARLEY & The WAILERS

Bob Marley And The Wailers - KAYA

DAILY WARDEN TRACK: A classic anthem from BOB MARLEY & The WAILERS, from an album that had its 35th anniversary re-release last year.  This tune ties-in with the “social experiment” in Colorado that kicked off the New Year, yesterday.  Click below and enjoy a blast of the sweet &#822…

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FLC - Colombian

DAILY WARDEN TRACK: Remember that song, “Scooby Snacks” from the late 90’s?  It was by a band called FUN LOVIN’ CRIMINALS, and they are wicked!  Their mix of rock, hip-hop, funk, etc. always sounds great at a party, and lots of their stuff has a comedic side too.  I think one…

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Bear Blog #217, KO


DAILY WARDEN TRACK: A little over four years ago now, a dude from Toronto by the name of KO, released his debut album called “Let’s Blaze.”  It contained a few singles, but the one that got tons of airplay across Canada and abroad was the album’s lead track, which I’m v…

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Bear Blog #216, AGAINST ME!

Against Me! - NEW WAVE

DAILY WARDEN TRACK: When Foo Fighters rolled through Edmonton on their “Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace” tour about five or six years ago, they brought a band with them called AGAINST ME!  That’s the band who gets today’s spotlight.  They’ve released half-a-dozen …

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